Yo, listen up, I got some legal rhymes to share,

From starting a company in Japan with rules to beware,

First off, how to charge legal fees nice and fair, best practices and guidelines for lawyers everywhere.

When in Japan, know the rules, don’t be slack,

Start a company, don’t miss a step, legal requirements and process will help you adapt.

If you’re into Vikings and their law and order spiel,

Understand legal systems, it’s a good deal, Viking law and order got some appeal.

Don’t breach an employment contract in the UK,

It’s a no-go, or you might have to pay some buck, breach of employment contract UK can run you amok.

For a doctor and patient, a drug contract must be in place,

It’s a legal requirement, not just some case, drug contract between patient and doctor will keep everything in grace.

Law of attraction, manifestation meditation,

Master the technique with dedication, powerful techniques for your concentration.

Tinting your windshield, is it legal or not?

Get the facts straight, don’t get caught, everything you need to know, it’s a pretty hot spot.

Abbreviations and legal trust, don’t be perplexed,

Get it right, don’t get vexed, everything you need to know to ace the test.

Citizens have legal responsibilities to uphold,

Understand your duties, don’t let yourself fold, legal responsibilities of citizens are like a code.

Signing a CHA lease agreement, it’s in the plan,

Understand the process, don’t get in a jam, understanding and navigating the legal process is how you slam.